Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive a Certificate of Attendance?
You must fully complete each lesson and quiz, in the order presented. This course is sequenced into  modules; you must complete one before proceeding to the next.

Is this a credential?
Upon completion of the Lifestyle Medicine course and the Wellcoaches Certification, they could say they are a “Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a Lifestyle Medicine Certificate, or specialty.”  It is however, not yet a formally recognized credential, except by Wellcoaches and ACLM.

What CE's do you offer?
Eligible CE's will continue to grow over time. Click here for a current list.

May I take the Lifestyle Medicine course and then earn my Wellcoaches Certification?
Yes, you may take the Lifestyle Medicine course first and then complete the Wellcoaches training and Certification. Upon completion of the Lifestyle Medicine course, you will receive a "Certificate of Completion." Once you are Wellcoaches-certified, you will also receive the "Lifestyle Medicine Coach Certificate".

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