Past Events & Classes

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Wellcoaches supports experienced health and wellness coaches with rich resources and classes in a life-long journey of learning and development.

Open to anyone, our Premium Classes offer a deep-dive into a specialized coaching topic. Our Member classes are offered 2-3 times each month as a benefit of our Coach-in-Practice Membership.

Here are the Premium and Members-only classes that have been offered in recent years.:

Examples of Past Premium Classes
Overcoming Obstacles to Weight Loss
Self-Compassion for Coaches
Group Coaching

Examples of Past Member Classes
Using Social Media to Build Your Business
Cultivating Self-Acceptance
Your Money and Your Mindset
Relationship Power in Health & Wellness Coaching
Client Attraction Secrets
Positive Psychology & Neuroscience
Coaching vs Mentoring vs Consulting
Efficient Kitchen Workflow
Outcomes Across the Value Chain
The Long and Winding Road: Building a Successful Coaching Practice
Coaching the Inner Family & the Immunity to Change
How to Become a Coach in High Demand
Achieving Purposeful Health Promotion
Get 5 Paying Clients...In the Next 30 Days
What Are Coaches Afraid Of
How to Have a Good Day
The Power of Public Talks
Surviving the Fast Track
Organizational Wellness
Updated Thinking on Goal Setting
How to Uncover What You're Really Selling
Self-Compassion in Action