Past Events & Classes

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Past Events & Classes

Wellcoaches supports experienced health and wellness coaches with rich resources and classes in a life-long journey of learning and development through our Welloaches Membership and Premium Classes.

We've also been honored to present all over the world and contribute to excellent learning events.


Breath As Medicine
8-week course focused on discovering the power of intentional breathing physiology and psychology as a dynamic way of improving a client’s level of health and well-being, fitness and overall performance. No matter whether you’re working in the corporate or healthcare environment, offering your clients health improvement strategies that target the leading causes of ill-health today is key.

Motivational Interviewing: Applying evidence-based strategies for positive behavior change
This 4-week class guided participants through a sequence of activities to support the learning and application of Motivational Interviewing knowledge and skills.  Including:

  • Explore ways to enhance behavior change using the MI approach included in the 4 processes: Engaging, Guiding, Evoking and Planning.
  • Learn the key principles and core skills of MI.
  • Practice MI skills and strategies designed to evoke motivation for change.



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