Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Wellcoaches over other programs?
Wellcoaches curriculum is science-based, integrating 15 evidence-based theories & domains, providing the connection between theory and practice. Wellcoaches School of Coaching launched in 2002, three years or more before other coach training programs for health professionals arrived and wrote the first textbook for health and wellness coaches, utilized widely around the world. Having trained 10,000+ coaches in 45 countries, we collaborate with 50+ US healthcare systems, large employers and service vendors.

What is the Core curriculum (Module 1)?
Wellcoaches training focuses on a range of critical theories underpinning Coaching Psychology including: Self-determination Theory, Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, Social Cognitive Theory, Appreciative Inquiry, theTranstheoretical Model, Relational Cultural Theory, Flow, Relational Flow, Emotional Intelligence, Compassionate Communication, Self-compassion, Mindfulness, Adult Development Theory, Goal setting/Planned Behavior and Multiplicity of Mind. This module also includes our 10-hour e-course on coaching habits.
What is the difference between the 18-week and the 4-day residential training?
Our 18-week teleclasses are offered every other month and are delivered telephonically once a week for for 90-minute sessions. The sessions cover all of the theories, coaching demonstrations and coaching practice. This option works well for those who prefer having the week between each lesson to absorb, implement, and practice the theories.

The 4-day training (8a-5pm) is a residential setting, where you travel to the specified location. You will be exposed to the same material as in the 18-week teleclasses but at an accelerated and in an intimate setting. This option works well for those that are familiar with coaching concepts and/or prefer the face-to-face training. Upon registration for the 4-day training, you will have access to a list of other students who wish to share lodging/travel arrangements to reduce expenses.
Is Wellcoaches an accredited program?
Yes, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredits the Core training program for CE’s, and the Core PLUS Professional Coach training is an accredited ACTP program.

Who teaches your classes?
The Wellcoaches world-class faculty team has collaborated for over 10 years on developing, improving, and innovating on a wide variety of Wellcoaches programs. What keeps us together is that we challenge each other to grow and evolve in our coaching mastery daily. We continue to grow and improve as much as our coaches and students - it's a shared, lifelong passion.
Does Wellcoaches offer training around nutrition, exercise, fitness, etc?
The focus of our curriculum is on teaching core coaching skills, allowing you to focus on being able to establish the relationships with patients/clients needed to facilitate meaningful lifestyle changes. We do offer an optional Module 4, a "Lifestyle Medicine for Coaches" course, in collaboration with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, designed to expand one's knowledge of healthy lifestyle philosophies and behaviors. This module, however, is not required to pursue a Wellcoaches Certification.
Can I participate out of country?
Yes, we have trained coaches in 45+ countries. Most participants find that Skype or other VOIP (voice over internet phone) works well. 

Is there any online/web component for training?
The 18-week teleclass is conducted through our Maestro conferencing telephone system and does not require the internet, unless choosing to dial in via internet. We do not utilize screen sharing tools for our 18-week teleclasses.
My degree/certification is not listed as an acceptable prerequisite, how do I know if I am qualified to participate?
If you have reviewed the certification prerequisites and do not find your degree or certification listed, please reach out to Robin Wilson to discuss your options.
Does my previous coach training/certification count towards your program?
Wellcoaches certification exams are based on the Coaching Psychology Manual and the Wellcoaches science-based coaching protocol. Completion of Wellcoaches Core training is required to be qualified to complete our certification.
Do you offer any information on how to build a coaching practice?
Our Wellcoaches Membership provides access to several live classes each month. Each month we feature at least one business development topic. Our "Action Guide" series provides a step-by-step “guide” on items to consider when building a private practice.

Does Wellcoaches offer mentoring?
Our Certification Process (Module 3), includes three, 1-hour mentoring sessions with a masterful coach to support you in preparation for the Practical Assessment and on-going coaching conversations with clients.

How many Continuing Education Credits will I receive?
We offer Continuing Education for several professions for attendance in our courses.
How much time should I plan to spend per week on the training?
Module 1: Core Coach Training - For our 18- week training program, expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours per week. This includes the 90-minute class, reading/preparation for the weekly class, homework, coaching practice and working with your learning partner.  For our 4-day residential session, prepare to spend approximately 20 hours of preparation time for class and 1-2 hours each evening during the residential training. We strongly recommend that you complete all assigned reading prior to attending. Additionally, we provide suggested practice exercises with learning partners, following the course.

Module 2: Advanced Practice - Module 2 follows Module 1 and includes 10 hours of teleclasses and approximately 8 hours of e-learning.

Module 3: Skills Assessment and Certification - Upon completion of Module 1, you have 18 months to complete Modules 2 and Module 3

What happens if I miss a class? Is there an expectation on how many classes can be missed?
The 18-week training consists of 14 lecture weeks and 4 practice coaching weeks. The lecture classes are recorded and will be available to you to use for review and study or, if you do have to miss a class, you may attend any of the other live classes offered for your cohort that week. However, you will get more out of the training if you are present, engaged and participating in the discussion. And, you will be expected to attend the classes live to meet the requirements for any continuing education credits you may wish to receive.  

If attending the 4-day residential, you must plan to attend each day for 8am-5pm. There are no opportunities to make up missed portions of the residential session. You will be expected to attend the classes live in full to meet the requirements for any continuing education credits you may wish to receive

What is the difference between Health/Wellness Coach and Personal Coach?
We offer two distinct certifications based on the previous education and experience of the student: the "Certified Health and Wellness Coach" for health professionals and the "Certified Personal Coach" for non-health professionals.

Does Wellcoaches offer any scholarships or financial aid?
When registering for one of the training programs, you will have an option to pay in full or payment plan options are available dependent upon the program and time you reigster. We also offer one annual scholarship, awarded in October, in honor of former faculty member Pam Schmid. This scholarship is open to applicants who plan to apply coaching techniques in working with patients/clients with cancer.
What type of jobs could I expect to get with my certification? Does Wellcoaches assist with this?
Coaches may find employment in a wide-range of fields: healthcare systems; health insurance plans; health centers; hospital wellness; medical fitness facilities; physician practices; medical homes; government healthcare agencies; rehabilitation facilities; clinics; hospice; employee wellness programs; health clubs; spas, wellness centers; retirement and senior facilities; private practice-fitness; yoga; nutrition and more. Certified Coaches who join our Wellcoaches Membership will also be alerted of job opportunities when organizations post them with us.
I let my certification expire, what do I do?
If your certification has not been renewed by the recorded expiration date, the Certification status will be changed to “Inactive” for a period of six months. You may return to an “Active” status by submitting an application and the $75 recertification fee and $25 late fee.  Review the Certification Handbook for additional detail.

I took the training and never became certified, how can I get certified?
If certification is not completed within the allotted 18-month time frame, you will need to audit a core coach training class for an additional fee. Review the Certification Handbook for additional detail.

Can you explain the National Coach Certification?
With an explosion of health and wellness coaching programs, it is difficult to determine the expertise and quality of coaches. Without agreed upon standards for the training and practice of health and wellness coaches, the public and healthcare professionals are confused about what to expect from coaches and how they complement other professions. A national certification was the first step in advancing consistent standards and competencies.  The International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching was formed to establish these standards for training and credentialing of health and wellness coaches. Learn more about opportunities to become a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.