Classes begin week of Mar 10

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  • 90-minute classes begin week of Mar 10 and ends week of Jul 21
  • FULL class attendance required for Certificate of Attendance or CE's


Register for Module 1 only
Register for Module 1, 2 & 3 (additional discount applied for combined purchase)


Module 1: Core Coach Training
Our 18-week teleclasses provide you with the essential theories of coaching science and application of skills coaching, based on our Coaching Psychology Manual (required text). In addition, you will receive  our 10-hour coaching habits e-course. Completion of these two courses will be required to receive a Certificate of Attendance.  This module is also a prerequisite for Module 2. 
Cost: $1345 ($100 early bird discount on Module 1 until Jan 27)

When you register, you will choose one, 90-minute class preference to attend each of the 18-weeks. However, you may attend any of the three that you wish:

Sun 7pm ET
Mon 2pm ET
Thu 11am ET

You are required to attended each class live in order to earn a Certificate of Attendance.

Module 2: Advanced Group Practice
To further develop your skills, this Module offers several live classes and e-courses to deepen your understanding of the concepts and skills presented in the Core course, making the completion of Module 1 a pre-requisite to Module 2. Topics such as Organize Your Emotions (2-hr teleclass), Organize Your Mind (4-hr teleclass+e-course), Wellness Visions (2-hr teleclass), and Generative Moments (2-hr teleclass+e-course) will include additional demonstrations and practice opportunities. Each of the live classes will be offered once each month and all components must be completed before moving to Module 3.  
Cost: $150 ($125 if purchased at the same time as Module 1&3)

Module 3: Wellcoaches Certification - Skills Application and Assessment
To demonstrate your learning, and to pursue Wellcoaches Certification, our third Module is focused on the application of learning. You must complete this module within 18-months following the 18-week teleclasses or 4-day residential program. This means your deadline to complete the certification process will be Jan 31, 2021. The certification process requires several components, including: a written and oral exam, and three 1-hour individual mentoring sessions. Learn more about Certifcation. This module is required to become a Certified Wellcoach.
Cost: $650 ($600 if purchased at the same time as Module 1&2)

Receiving email - Please change your email settings to receive emails from Wellcoaches as email is critical to receive the materials you need. Consider using a personal email address when registering, rather than a work email address, as organization spam filters can interfere with the receipt of important registration and class information.  Click here for specific instructions on receiving Wellcoaches email.

Our Certification process requires the Completion of Modules 1-3. We offer two distinct certifications based on the previous education and experience of the student: the "Certified Health and Wellness Coach" for health professionals and the "Certified Personal Coach" for non-health professionals. Please review the list of acceptable prerequisites for Certification, which are different than the prerequisites for participating in training.

Wellcoaches is an approved training provider for the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching. If you wish to pursue this additional certification, you must first become a Certified Wellcoach, by completing Modules 1-3 above, and then complete our additional e-course in Lifestyle Medicine (Module 4). Module 4 is available at a 50% discount for those who have purchased Modules 1-3.