Core Coach Training

Learn how to create lasting change

Help people grow and thrive as a Wellcoach

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Welcome to our growing, global community of Certified Coaches. Our Core Coach Training program is widely respected as the gold standard. Our industry-first programs gave birth to a new professional, the Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Expanding our scope, we now provide also training for the Certified Personal Coach.  Our core training and certification programs, endorsed by our strategic partners, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, are designed for professionals with expertise such as: weight, nutrition, fitness, stress or mind/body medicine, lifestyle medicine, chronic disease, and mental health.

Our Coaching Psychology Manual is the foundation of the Wellcoaches Core Coach Training & Certification Programs, now used widely in academic courses on coaching psychology and health and wellness coaching, including Coaching Psychology Courses at Harvard University Extension School.



We offer a variety of convenient class times and styles to meet your learning needs. You are sure to find a schedule that works for you!

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ACSM AND ACLM ENDORSED | Wellcoaches Core Coach Training is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.



What You'll Learn

  • Describe/apply science-based theory to facilitate lasting change
  • Elicit mindful self-awareness and insights
  • Apply self-determination theory and motivational interviewing techniques to support clients in uncovering the autonomous motivation needed for change
  • Leverage the science of positive psychology to help clients apply their strengths and gain the capacity to adapt to setbacks
  • Help clients develop self-efficacy and resilience
  • Learn how and when to provide expert advice or referrals to enable just-in-time learning of knowledge and skills
  • Apply principles of goal-setting theory to help clients design engaging visions and goals that spur them to go beyond what they can do alone


Primary Curriculum

To meet the needs and learning preferences for all of our students, we provide two options for training: an 18-week teleclass or a 4-day residential session. Both courses provide the same educational content and coaching practice opportunities. Lesson topics include:

  • Defining the Role of the Coach
  • Growth-Promoting Relationships
  • Thriving: Being Skills and Coaching Presence
  • Expressing Compassion
  • And much more...


Core Coach Certification

Once you have completed the Training, you may choose to pursue Coach Certification. Our Certification process is separate from the Core Coach Training program. We offer two distinct certifications based on the previous education and experience of the student: the "Certified Health and Wellness Coach" for health professionals and the "Certified Personal Coach" for non-health professionals.