Wellcoaches Research

The Wellcoaches protocol, described in our Coaching Psychology Manual, is evidence-based. Our coaching protocol is generating positive outcomes results reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Practice-Based Coaching Outcomes Studies
Roy et al (2017). 1,306 chronic disease patients in medical fitness facility. Summary. Video overview.
Sherman et all (2017). 271 obese patients at MGH primary care practice
Eisenberg et al (2017). Teaching Kitchen project for 40 CIA employees
Sherman (2017). 17 pre-diabetes patients at MGH primary care practice
Berman (2017). 94 women in coaching & plant-based nutrition (not peer reviewed)
Hackshaw et al (2016). Intensive coaching for fibromyalgia - 9 patients
Long et al (2016). 19,800 coaching clients in employee wellness. Summary.
Sforzo et al (2014). 161 patients coached on smoking cessation
Galantino & Schmid (2009). 30 cancer survivors
Djuric et al (2017). 82 patients in primary care

Coaching Case Studies
McGloin et al (2015). Telephone coaching and diabetes
Polak et al (2014). Improving consumption of healthy food, diabetes patient
McGloin (2014). Coaching for Type 2 Diabetes
Roy et al (2014). Physician-referred patients with chronic conditions
Sforzo et al (2013). Ithaca College employees
Sherman et al (2013). Primary care setting for MGH employees
Schwartz (2013). Alternative to bariatric surgery
Berna (2013). Tribal community healthcare center, diabetes patients

Outcomes Across the Value Chain for Engaged Health Coaching Participants, h2U
Worksite Health Promotion and Health Coaching Success, University of Iowa

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