Top Media

1.    Boston Globe: Are you ready for Wellness Coaching?
2.    CBS Boston: How a Wellness Coach Can Help Your Life
3.    NPR: Alaska Hospital Calls in Health Coaches
4.    Lifestyle Medicine: Setting a gold standard for health and wellness coaching
5.    Natual Awakenings: Caring, Steering, Cheering
6.    Minnesota State University: Wellness Coaching for Personal Trainers in Healthcare
7.    Fitbie: Organize Your Mind for Weight Loss Success
8.    The Globe and Mail: How to Thrive Amidst Frenzy
9.    Financial Coaching Newsletter: Interview with Margaret Moore
10.  New York Times: On the Other End of the Line, Discipline
11.  Kevin MD blog: Can health coaches fix our healthcare system?
12.  Dr. Oz The Good Life: The New Slim Down Secrets?

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