Our Training is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

This information is relevant only to students enrolling in the following classes: May 18-week teleclasses and Apr/Jun/Jul 4-day residentials. This does NOT include the July Residential session in Syracuse, NY. Please click here for information regarding that course.

Welcome to our growing, global community of Certified Health & Wellness Coaches!

To meet the needs and learning preferences for all of our students, we provide two options for training: an 18-week teleclass or a 4-day residential session. Both courses provide the same educational content and coaching practice opportunities.

Watch now for brief overview of the Wellcoaches path to coaching mastery.

Core Coach Training Teleclasses [2018]
Our Core Coach Training Teleclasses are held for 18 weeks, once per week, for 90 minutes. New 18-week cohorts are offered every other month.

Upon registration, you will choose ONE* class day/time (listed in ET) to participate in throughout the 18-week program. If you are unable to attend the live class, a recording will be provided.

Most continuing education providers require full, live attendance in each class. We encourage you to monitor your attendance and make live participation a priority. You are responsible for truthfully attesting that you attended classes live, if required by your continuing education provider. Potential classs times listed below:

Jan cohort:
Mon 9am
Wed 9pm
Thur 3pm

March cohort:
Sun 7pm
Mon 2pm
Thur 11am

May cohort:
Mon 12pm
Wed 9am
Thur 8pm

*July cohort:
Mon 9pm
Tue 11am
Wed 4pm

*September cohort:
Sun 7pm
Mon 2pm
Thur 11am

*November cohort:
Mon 12pm
Tue 3pm
Thu 8pm

*Beginning with the July program, students will be able to attend any of the three classes offered each week.

Teleclasses are held for 18 consecutive weeks. However, classes are not held during the weeks of: Memorial Day; July 4th; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Christmas; New Year's

Core Coach Training Residential Program
Our Core Coach Training Residential program runs for 4 full days, 8am-5pm. On-site programs will typically be held in January, April, June, August and October but subject to change.

 WANT TO LEARN MORE BEFORE YOU REGISTER? Attend a Live 90 minutes-Q&A or listen to a recorded Q&A session.               

Click here to view Q&A recording for program overview for May teleclasses & Apr/Jun/Jul residential classes only.

NOTE: Our program is changing! Beginning with the July teleclasses, our curriculum and certification requirements increase. Click here to attend a live Q&A and updated program overview on July 17th, at 11:30am ET.  This program overview will be relevant to Jul/Sep/Nov teleclasses & Aug residential classes only.