Flexible Learning

Welcome to our growing, global community of Certified Health & Wellness Coaches!

To meet the needs and learning preferences for all of our students, we provide two options for training: an 18-week teleclass or a 4-day residential session. Both courses provide the same educational content and coaching practice opportunities.

Watch now for brief overview of the Wellcoaches path to coaching mastery.

Core Coach Training Teleclasses [2018]
Our Core Coach Training Teleclasses are held for 18 weeks, once per week, for 90 minutes. New 18-week cohorts are offered every other month.

Upon registration, you will choose ONE class day/time (listed in ET) to participate in throughout the 18-week program. Most continuing education providers require full, live attendance in each class. We encourage you to monitor your attendance and make live participation a priority. You are responsible for truthfully attesting that you attended classes live, if required by your continuing education provider. Potential classs times listed below:

January cohort:
Mon 9am
Wed 9pm
Thur 3pm

March cohort:
Sun 7pm
Mon 2pm
Thur 11am

May cohort:
Mon 12pm
Wed 9am
Thur 8pm

July cohort:
Mon 9pm
Tue 11am
Wed 4pm
Thur 9am

September cohort:
Sun 7pm
Mon 2pm
Tue 8am
Thur 11am

November cohort:
Mon 12pm
Tue 3pm
Wed 9am

Teleclasses are held for 18 consecutive weeks. However, classes are not held during the weeks of: Memorial Day; July 4th; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Christmas; New Year's

Core Coach Training Residential Program
Our Core Coach Training Residential program runs for 4 full days, 8am-5pm. On-site programs in 2017 will typically be held in January, April, June, August and October.