Certification Handbook

Mission & Values
Wellcoaches Corporation, the American College of Sports Medicine, and our growing community of coaches, are setting the gold standard and building the foundation to bring health, fitness, and wellness coaching to a large scale.

We combine the power of coaching competencies, grounded in evidence-based coaching psychology, and technology to mobilize the best coaches available to help people improve their health, fitness, and wellness. Together, we hope to make a significant contribution in some of the toughest challenges of our times – the epidemics of obesity, sedentary lifestyles, stress, depression, poor nutrition, and ever-rising healthcare costs.

We have established the gold standard in health, fitness, and wellness coaching skills, practices, content, technology, and marketing.

Wellcoaches Objectives

  • Quality Assurance and Consistency:  Wellcoaches will continually upgrade the quality and consistency of all certification programs as they relate to educational materials, exam format and content, management plans, materials to the candidate, and internal and external review of the programs and/or examination sites.
  • Career Relevancy and Advocacy: Wellcoaches will maintain a leadership position in the profession and marketplace by promoting superior standards and communicating information concerning the unique attributes of Wellcoaches certified professionals in the public sector (e.g. students, educational institutions, practitioners, employers, peer professional organizations, governmental agencies, and others).
  • Service: Wellcoaches will create and maintain a network of certified professionals and encourage continuing coaching education opportunities.
  • Expansion/Growth: Wellcoaches will expand opportunities, thus increasing the number of certified individuals, facilities, and educational institutions which adhere to Wellcoaches certifications standards.
  • Educational Outreach: Wellcoaches will be responsive to other groups and organizations that express interest in our certifications and programs or the development of group specific programs.

Our Shared Values

  • Dedication to mastering personal wellness and walking the walk.
  • Skills to serve our clients masterfully based on our credentials, coach training, and track record.
  • Compassion and acceptance of where our clients are today.
  • Passion to help people take charge, master wellness, and change for good.
  • Commitment to high integrity and best practices in everything we do, including developing evidence-based outcomes.
  • Belief that people have the creativity and ability to change when provided the support and confidence they need to get there.
  • Courage to lead in a new marketplace.
  • Creativity to recognize and handle every opportunity and challenge.
  • Desire to build the Wellcoaches community.
  • Tenacity to fulfill our vision.