Advanced Coach Training

The crown jewel of our training programs

Take your Wellcoaches Certification to the next level

Once you have completed our Core Coach Training & Certification program, start making plans to lift your coaching mastery to a galactic orbit with our ten-month advanced Professional Coach Training & Certification Program. This program is developing the future leaders of the health and wellness coaching industry. We built and continue to upgrade an innovative, science and neuroscience-based, robust coaching framework we call the "Onward & Upward Model" designed to enable Certified Wellcoaches to help clients optimize mental and physical well-being. This is a hit-the-ball-out-of-the-park opportunity for coaches who want to be masterful coaches.


Our 2016-2017 cohort is now SOLD OUT!

Stay tuned for registration for our 2017-2018 cohort, which begins in August or September 2017.

Four Reasons to Join

Four reasons to pursue this advanced credential: 

1. Leadership Role: Not only will our advanced program enable a giant leap in your coaching outcomes, it will help move you into a leadership role and new career opportunities within this growing industry.  

2. Wellcoaches Opportunities: Wellcoaches recruits PCT graduates first for research projects, coaching contracts with our corporate partners, and coach referrals.

3. ICF ACTP: Complete an International Coach Federation ACTP program which supports ICF certifications and credibility in the larger coaching industry beyond health and wellness. 

4. Close Network: The PCT experience leads to a close and intimate network of your classmates that will pay dividends for years.



What You Will Gain

Coaching Mastery
1. Unique-to-Wellcoaches intellectual framework and mechanisms for peak coaching performance grounded in research from the fields of neuroscience, adult development, behavioral and positive psychology
2. Cutting-edge and advanced Immunity to Change model developed by Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey applies "subject-object theory", the active ingredient of psychological growth
3. Plenty of practice using cutting-edge tools and models in a safe, structured environment
4. Individualized mentoring feedback from experienced Wellcoaches faculty


The Program

The training program components delivered over ten months includes:


  • Two 2.5 day residential sessions in LaJolla, California  – one at the beginning and one at the end of the training program
  • 24 ninety-minute teleclasses with the ability to practice new tools and skills in class
  • 8 ninety-minute group mentoring sessions; four one-hour private mentor coaching sessions;
  • and, a reading list of 15 carefully chosen books written by scientists and psychologists with a strong evidence basis




How To Become a Certified Professional Coach


To receive the Wellcoaches designation of “Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach” (or "Certified Professional Coach") we require the following:

1. Full participation in live teleclasses, group/individual coaching and residential weekends.
2. A Lesson Feedback Survey for each class
3. Submission of a “Coaching Mastery Journal”.
4. Submission of an audio coaching sample that demonstrates coaching mastery (30-45 minutes)