Collaboration is the essence of coaching, and together we raise the bar on the standards for coaching in health care and wellness on a global scale.

American College of Sports Medicine
Since 2002, Wellcoaches has had a strategic alliance with ACSM in order to set the gold standard for the training and certification of health and wellness coaches. ACSM endorses and promotes Wellcoaches coach training and certification programs. Coach Meg writes a quarterly column in ACSM’s Certified News.

American College of Lifestyle Medicine
The American College of Lifestyle Medicine is the professional medical association for physicians, healthcare practitioners and those with professional careers devoted to advancing the mission of lifestyle medicine. In 2015, ACLM and Wellcoaches formed a partnership to co-develop Lifestyle Medicine and Healthy Behaviors Curriculum for Health and Wellness Coaches.

Vector Wellness
Vector Wellness built a web coaching platform that fully integrates Wellcoaches coaching protocols and tools, including assessments, vision and goal setting, tracking, and outcomes measurements.

A leading publisher in original and translated medical content in Mexico and Central America, offering continuing education, medical products, and employee assistance programs. Intersistemas is our partner for delivering coach training in Spanish.

Interactive Health Partners
In addition to biometric and functional strength analysis, IHP corporate subscribers are now able to measure the wellness of their populations through this industry-leading wellbeing tool, which includes the Wellcoaches Wellbeing Assessment - Short Form.

National Institute of Whole Health
Our partnership with NIWH allows an exclusive Whole Health Science Program to be available only through Wellcoaches and only to qualified Wellcoaches graduates.

California University of Pennsylvania
California University of Pennsylvania's Master's in Exercise Science and Health Promotion now offers a unique concentration in Wellness Coaching, developed in concert with Wellcoaches®. This concentration provides students the opportunity to become a Certified Wellcoach®, the foundation for a career in Wellness Coaching. The Wellness Coaching concentration is offered in a 100% online format, as are the other concentrations of the Exercise Science and Health Promotion program.

Carevolution, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Since 2010, Wellcoaches and Carevolution have collaborated to bring Wellcoaches health and wellness coach training and certification programs and web coaching platform to Brazil, including translation into Portuguese and training of Wellcoaches faculty in Brazil.

Medical Fitness Association
Since 2008 Wellcoaches has partnered with MFA to offer live coaching workshops across North America, and include wellness coaching in the standards for medical fitness facilities.

Center for Progressive Recovery
Upon completion of the Progressive Recovery Coaching (PRC) certificate course, coaches become part of our premiere Progressive Recovery Coach Network, which helps addicted individuals and/or their families via in-person, telephone, text-based or online video coaching. Progressive Recovery Coach Training (PRCT) program teaches trainees the 4 main activities of PRC: N.E.A.R. - Navigation, Engagement, Accompaniment & Reduction of Relapses. Wellcoaches-trained coaches are entitled to a $150 discount.

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